Desktop icons all have blue highlight box around text

In Windows XP your desktop icons text labels used to be transparent but now the icons seem to have a blue background or blue highlight. This seems to have happened the icons for no reason


This usually happens the Windows XP icons for one of three reasons:

  • you have the desktop items locked
  • you have the background set as a web page
  • you have the drop shadow setting enabled

Solution 1 – Uncheck “Lock Web Items on Desktop”

Right click on your Windows Desktop
In the context menu, click Arrange Icons By > Uncheck Lock Web Items on Desktop
Click OK
Check your desktop icons

Solution 2 – Desktop Home Page Problem

Right click on your Windows Desktop
In the context menu, click Properties
Display Properties should appear. Click the Desktop tab
Now click the Customize Desktop… button
The Desktop Items properties page should appear. Click the Web tab
In the top pane where it says ‘My Current Home Page’, delete all entries from that pane except ‘My Current Home Page’
Uncheck My Current Home Page
Uncheck Lock desktop items
Click OK and OK again
Check you icons

Solution 3 – Disable Drop Shadow

Right click on the ‘My Computer’ icon
In the context menu, click Properties
Click Advanced tab > Settings (In the Performance section)
Look down the list and clear the Drop Shadows option
Click OK > OK
Check your icons





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