How to Publish an Access Database to SharePoint

When you publish a database to a SharePoint site, you can share the data with other people who use the SharePoint site while you continue to use Access as the front end for the forms, reports, and queries in the database.

There are two ways that you can work with a published database. If you are a database designer, you can build queries, forms, and reports that use the data from the SharePoint site. If you are a database user, you can use Access to enter, view, and analyze data from the SharePoint site.

You can publish a database that you already created, or you can build a database from one or more tables that are linked to SharePoint lists or libraries. When data from a SharePoint list or library is linked to an Access table, you can create views for those lists or libraries that are based on forms, queries, and reports in Access. This enables you to build an Access application that tracks the data on your SharePoint site.

Publishing a database to a SharePoint site is available only for database files that are saved in the Office Access 2007 format.


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