How to Make MS Access Database Executable

If you have created a database and decide to distribute it or to give it to a customer, colleagues or employees, they may be tempted to open the forms in Design View and possibly modify their structures. There are two disadvantages to such an action. They may compromise or corrupt your hard work, possibly rendering it obsolete. Some bad eye may decide to cheat on your VBA code. Microsoft Access allows you to make some or most of these actions difficult or impossible. An ACCDE file is a database compiled by Microsoft Access so the users of the database cannot change the design of forms or reports, create new forms or reports, view its VBA code, or import forms, reports or VBA code.

Before creating an ACCDE file, you should enable the security. To do this, on the Message Bar, you can click Options… In the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box, click the Enable This Content radio button and click OK. To create an ACCDE file of your database, after opening it, on the Ribbon, you can click Database Tools. In the Database Tools section, you can click Make ACCDE. You will receive the Save As dialog box with a suggested file. You can accept that file name or replace it. After this, you can click Save.

MS Access is basically a database management system created by Microsoft Corporation. It can be integrated with programming languages to build software applications.
We can also create our database as executables so that one will not worry about copying all the folder and files rather it would become just a simple installation suite.

Follow this easy step by step tutorial to learn how to make an Microsoft Access database executable by Inno setup.

Step 1 – Making ACCDE File

For that first of all we have to open the access database which we want to make executable.  After that go to database tools on the top and click on make ACCDE.

Step 2 – Saving the Database

After that it will require us to save the ACCDE file, so select the output folder, and click save.

Step 3 – Downloading Inno Setup

Once we have ACCDE file, we have to download a setup compiler to make it executable.

We will use and download the latest release of inno setup.

Select the mirror and the download will be started.

Step 4 – Inno Setup Wizard

After finishing up with the download, install the software using recommended settings. Once done with installation lets launch the software.

Step 5 – Necessary Information

Now click on Create a new script file using script wizard. Let’s give application name as company database.
The application version as version 1.0 and other basic information like Publisher Information and Company website.

After that, click next.

Step 6 – Adding Application Files

Now we will be required to select Application Files, but in our case we don’t have any so let’s choose the 2nd option and Click “Add Files”.

Step 7 – Locating ACCDE File

Now we have to add our ACCDE file that we just made earlier.

Step 8 – Completing Wizard

Now after giving the required specification, finish the wizard.

Step 9 – Checking the Executable

Once we are done with the creation of our Executable Ms Access Database, let’s check it by installing. We can change the installation folder by clicking browse or can leave it default.

After that Finish the setup.

Step 10 – Checking the result

After installation is finished, lets browse to our installation folder and there we can see our ACCDE file.

So this is how we can make an access database executable. You can follow the video below too …



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