Minisis : M2L

The M2L application is fully integrated including the following processes:

* Acquisitions (orders, claims, cancellations, renewals, payment, vendor file maintenance, skeleton catalogue record created)
* Cataloguing (data entry / modification, bibliographic file, full authority control, corporate name, series, shelf list, country, language, thesaurus)
* Serials Registration (check-in, routing, prediction based upon site-defined notation & frequency, claiming, circulation & weeding)
* OPAC (simplified and experienced modes, local & Web access, thesaurus operators, Boolean operators, truncation, proximity searching, sorting of output, predefined and ad-hoc reporting)
* Circulation (charging, discharging, renewals, holds, notices, creation & update of patron information, item information, inventory control, patron file maintenance, access to policies)
* An OCLC TM download utility


In addition, the M2L application is flexible by making use of several inherent tools. We have designed the library application to be able to function in a normal database management fashion accepting both MARC and non-MARC (based on MIBIS) records. Through the MINISIS – SMA toolkit the complete M2L application is customisable. Our solution unlike many bibliographic management applications, is not only adaptable but customisable by the client. That is, there is no need to pay expensive consulting rates or have a computer science degree to be able to make these changes. A client, if desired, can add/change/delete any fields inside the database definition, re-write the pull-down windows menus, modify and edit data entry screens and query forms and ultimately design new or customise the existing reports already included inside the M2L application.
Web Enabled

The foundation of M2L as aforementioned is built around the MINISIS database management engine. While being a practical object / relational dbms itself, any application built upon the MINISIS engine is inherently multilingual, multi-script and multi-media compliant. In addition there is a complete web interface which resides on top of the MINISIS Engine. The M2L OPAC is web based to allow easy access and display to an Intranet or to the Internet. The MWI product (an add-on tool) comes with a relevant and usable default template to allow non-HTML knowledgeable clients to easily put their bibliographic collections on the web. The client has the ability to make the catalogue accessible, acquisition orders to be placed/accepted, access external sites, jump URLs, to even reserving, placing holds and accepting reproduction requests. Also to attest to M2L Internet-friendly capability, outputs can be generated in not only HTML but any of the new Internet formats.
Operating Environments/Tools

Our application is simple and straightforward. Our products are designed to be efficient and take advantage of the functions and features inherent in MS-Windows 95,98, NT/2000 (or better) operating systems. Given MARC, ISO/batchin exchange formats and multilingual capabilities and the SMA’s easy adaptation of M2L – the entire application can be altered to meet almost any bibliographic centre’s needs. Also, other tools like: STEMMA (a thesaurus terminology management application), generic thesauri tables and countless validation tables and authorities, guarantees that our clients can grow and add-on to match new and unforeseen capabilities.

M2L is currently engaged in academic, research, reference, public and national libraries in over 40 countries. It has been developed with and for libraries who require pre-made solutions yet need the ability to customise. Given that the M2L application is one of the world’s most cost-effective bibliographic solutions, (starting as low as $5,000), don’t miss the opportunity to see what MINISIS and M2L can do for your organisation



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