MI: 2 of 5 | SharePoint Hub Site with a Custom Theme – Modern Intranet

Let’s create our SharePoint hub site network, a custom brand our modern site, and create a page layout design with modern web parts.

As mention in the video, here’s the link to the powershell scripts used.

This is our first video where we get down to brass tax and start making magic.

We will establish our HUB with PowerShell (as you will see in the video, you can also establish the HUB without using PowerShell). The Hub will be the glue stitching these various site collections together. If you want to follow the new modern site best practices with keeping things “flat” and where site is a “site collection”, well then, the HUB configuration is a MUST.

Note: without the HUB, it would be very difficult to manage each site collection in the Intranet. If you are still using the classic SharePoint stack, it is highly recommended to use the subsite architecture .vs the flat site collection architecture.

Once the HUB is established for our modern Intranet, we then move forward with creating our branding for the Intranet site. Here we must take advantage of the new theming tool for Microsoft Fabric themes.

If you have ever been tasked with theming a classic SharePoint site (and I don’t mean custom master pages), you will be relieved to know that the custom theming process for modern SharePoint is so much easier. No need to define colors for all of those “slots”.

In our case with the Tesla logo, the custom theming came to save the day…because the OOB red just did not match well with the “Tesla Red”.

Finally, we will customize our homepage layout with modern web parts as a baseline for the upcoming videos. We will not go too in-depth with the configuration, leaving things lite and room for flexibility in the future.

As you will see, the modern SharePoint look is clean, responsive, and easy to configure. We can put these sites together in minutes! The “create” time has been drastically reduced and leaves more time in the planning and strategy phases ensuring the right communication and user journey strategy.

This process was definitely a breath of fresh air.

The cautionary tale is to keep business users focused on the purpose of the intranet, and not worry too much about the “custom look”.
Do not customize to just to get things picture perfect. The new modern tooling will allow you to move faster and more agile than ever before.

Stay within the lines.

We finally have the tools necessary to keep up with the business, and pivot on a “dime”.

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