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Expression Studio encoded my video in (.wmv) file format, so converting the video using Format Factory in (.mp4) is causing some problems, this length remains same if played on windows media player or VLC, but uploading on YouTube is doubling its length. So if I encoded my video (.wmv) format and uploaded directly to YouTube, [...]

Eagle Eye offers a cloud security camera video management system, providing secure, encrypted recording, flexible retention, mobile viewing and alerts. What is DDNS? DDNS is a service that will track your numeric IP address and allow you to attach an alphanumeric address. So for example. Instead of using (the Google address) you would use [...]

By default, when you use the File Manager in cPanel, it does not show hidden files. Hidden files are any file that begins with a dot, such as .htaccess. .htaccess is actually a common file to edit, and so if you would like to edit the file using your File Manager, you’ll need to ensure [...]