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Usually, programs are written and documented in English, and use English at execution time for interacting with users. On the other hand, many customers are less comfortable with English than want their solution software to work in their country language. So GNU `gettext’ is an important step for the GNU Translation Project, as it is [...]

To read ,write and sort Arabic text in mysql database using php correctly, make sure that: 1- MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) 2- MySQL connection collation: utf8_general_ci 3- your database and table collations are set to: utf8_general_ci or utf8_unicode_ci Then, add this code in your php database connect script : mysql_query(“SET NAMES ‘utf8′”); mysql_query(‘SET CHARACTER [...]

osCommerce 2.3.1 is a bit messy when it comes to the new introduction of UTF-8 character set. In older versions, everything was ISO-8859-1 * Core source code (ISO-8859-1) * Language pack source code (ISO-8859-1) * Mysql tables (ISO-8859-1) * Mysql I/O (ISO-8859-1) * The html output (ISO-8859-1) * HTML charset for browser decoding (ISO-8859-1) * [...]