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Lucene and Solr are 2 differents Apache projects : 1) Lucene and Solr are NOT created to work together. Only Solr uses Lucene under the hood. Lucene has no clue about Solr API. 2) Lucene is a powerful search engine framework that lets us add search capability to our application. It exposes easy-to-use API while [...]

Solr is used not as a primary data store because it is a Search Platform whose primary purpose is giving the ability to do complex searches with blazing performance. This means that you usually have your data in a primary data store, like mysql Server and you need to move data to a Solr server [...]

First let me say I love the new UI for the Solr Admin pages (download at Apache Solr). Install Jetty 9 Jetty 9 requires JDK 7, so if you don’t have it installed, install it first. In Ubuntu, it is very convenient to install openjdk using apt-get. apt-get install -y openjdk-7-jdk mkdir -p /usr/java ln [...]