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Archive logging is essential for production databases where the loss of a transaction might be fatal. It is generally considered unnecessary in development and test environments. A general view on a database oracle Instance is Like below : Setup Destination Folders for Archivelog in Initialisation File :   Validate Parameters files by restarting the database [...]

Oracle SQL developer is free and is very powerful more. We can compare it to sql server management studio. To launch sqldeveloper under linux : $ORACLE_HOME/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh . A panel to create a connexion to sqldeveloper using tnsnames connectors like below is necessary : ————————————————————————— To see the content of an .ORA file we can make [...]

========== REMARQUES ================== SQL au coeur des performances de Markus Winand (Livre utilité des index) TOAD Oracle outil de supervision OEM 10g exploitable client lourd SQL developer gratuit / client lourd java / sous linux $ORACLE_HOME/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh Outil graphique EM Database Control / via web Le site d’ Oracle.com sous OTN on trouve doc/logiciels/Os supportés La [...]