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Now a days While working on latest version of CentOS , i get to know some important but initial commands,which are most frequently used or commonly used CentOS . Common used phrase “yum” means: Yellowdog Updater Modified. Search for any Installed Packages [ Syntax]: #yum list List of updated software (security fix) [ Syntax]: #yum [...]

If you choose Linux as the operating system for your server, the next big question is: “Which Linux distro should I use on my Linux server?”. Since different servers are intended to perform different tasks, the answer to this question is not easy. Many people choose a distro which provides commercial support. This might be [...]

========== REMARQUES ================== SQL au coeur des performances de Markus Winand (Livre utilité des index) TOAD Oracle outil de supervision OEM 10g exploitable client lourd SQL developer gratuit / client lourd java / sous linux $ORACLE_HOME/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh Outil graphique EM Database Control / via web Le site d’ Oracle.com sous OTN on trouve doc/logiciels/Os supportés La [...]