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Browsing Posts in Xquery

This is more of personnal notes/code braindump to remember how to do. I will expose you two methods for using javascript calls via DOM and Ajax/Jquery to process mysql queries … Before starting, I like to recall how Jquery works : Create an example.php document prepare a bloc div like : <div id=”avatarsavediv”></div> The XMLHttpRequest [...]

XPath 2.0 is a version of the XPath language defined by the World Wide Web Consortium XPath is used primarily for selecting parts of an XML document. For this purpose the XML document is modelled as a tree of nodes. XPath allows nodes to be selected by means of a hierarchic navigation path through the [...]

Namespace declarations : example of catalog (cat) and products (prod) : <cat:catalog xmlns:cat=”http://datypic.com/cat” xmlns:prod=”http://datypic.com/prod”> <cat:number>1446</cat:number> <prod:product> <prod:number>565</prod:number> <prod:name prod:language=”en”>Sun Hat red</prod:name> </prod:product> </cat:catalog> Xqurery and Namespaces declarations in xquery file : How to Declare a name space and xquery loop function (in your file.xquery) ┬áBaseX as an xquery tool : BaseX is a very light-weight, [...]