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Install Lamp server from iso distrib Ubuntu 12.04 By default the address of your local webserver is localhost or if you want to use an IP, you can type it as the address and reach your document root. If you have created a dir under the DR called test (as in /var/www/test/), navigate to [...]

My Apache Webserver had not timezone correct. It is very important to have same time zone settings between platforms when migrating existing calendar applications based on timestamp and using mktime() calls in php scripts. I can remenber problems when changing platforms from wampserver to ubuntu apache web server with webcalendar, mrbs open source …. How [...]

Apache2 Permissions www-data is a user/group set created specifically for web servers. It should be listed in /etc/passwd as a user, and can be configured to run as another user in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf. Basically, it’s just a user with stripped permissions so if someone managed to find a security hole in one of your web applications [...]