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This is more of personnal notes/code braindump to remember how to do. I will expose you two methods for using javascript calls via DOM and Ajax/Jquery to process mysql queries … Before starting, I like to recall how Jquery works : Create an example.php document prepare a bloc div like : <div id=”avatarsavediv”></div> The XMLHttpRequest [...]

I am using PHP, Bootstrap and MySQL with some addition of jQuery and AJAX to make this tutorial.  So, I am building a classic list of events with button details to show all data into a table by importing data from MySQL database using PHP, where I have also added an Edit button at the end of each [...]

Unwanted Padding in IE Image Rendering At first I thought this might have something to do with margins or padding and so added margin: 0px and padding: 0px to the image container div, but that doesn’t help either. This works just fine in FireFox, Safari and  Opera, but fails in IE. Here’s what it looks [...]