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 Solr Sample web php application Solr makes it easy to run a full-featured search server. In fact, its so easy, I’m going to walk you through Solr in 10 minutes. I will guide you on building a sample php application using SolR features like facets … As many shared hoster do not activate php solr [...]

Exact and quick Retrieval search by Indexing datas is a very important goal especially in Integrated library system domain. 1.  Z39.50/SRU SUPPORT. If I would have any specific concern about the prospect of new development complicating long term development, it would be about the possibility of breaking or neglecting necessary Z39.50/SRU server support in the [...]

* Il n’y a pas de communauté autour de cette solution, c’est un logiciel open-source distribué et développé par Indexdata. * Au niveau Indexation o pas d’indexation en temps réel: l’utilisation de l’outil crontab est limitée, lorsqu’une autorité est ajoutée alors qu’une notice est créée, il faut attendre quelques minutes pour que la notice soit [...]