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Introduction Since PHP 5.4, the original MySQL extension is obsolete and will generate alerts E_DEPRECATED level when connecting to a database. Instead, we can use the MySQLi extension or PDO_MySQL extension. If like me, you have sites with the MySQL extension, here are some small examples to switch to MySQL MySQLi (which I find easier [...]

This is more of personnal notes/code braindump to remember how to do. I will expose you two methods for using javascript calls via DOM and Ajax/Jquery to process mysql queries … Before starting, I like to recall how Jquery works : Create an example.php document prepare a bloc div like : <div id=”avatarsavediv”></div> The XMLHttpRequest [...]

Renuméroter une table avec auto increment set @i=0; update myvideos set id=(@i:=@i+1); ALTER TABLE myvideos AUTO_INCREMENT = 1; Arrangement de zones : ALTER table Auteurs MODIFY COLUMN AuteurID  mediumint(8) AFTER notice_ref ALTER TABLE Auteurs MODIFY COLUMN notice_ref mediumint( 8 ) AFTER `AuteurID` ———————————————— RENAME TABLE `jarid`.`a030` TO `jarid`.`Auteurs` ; Détecter les doublons : SELECT * [...]