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With accent characters, many display troubles so Go to class email.php (front and admin sides) and change line $this->build_params['html_encoding'] = ‘quoted-printable’; by $this->build_params['html_encoding'] = ‘base64′;

The problem : $cart_PayPal_IPN_ID was not always a global (e.g. between functions confirmation and process_button. Find Code in : catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php tep_session_register(‘cart_PayPal_IPN_ID’); // Terra register globals fix //$_SESSION['cart_PayPal_IPN_ID'] = $cartID . ‘-’ . $insert_id; Replace with code : // FS start $GLOBALS['cart_PayPal_IPN_ID'] = $cartID . ‘-’ . $insert_id; // FS stop tep_session_register(‘cart_PayPal_IPN_ID’); // FS start // [...]

osCommerce 2.2ms2-060817 Register Globals Off Workaround for PHP4 and PHP5 After these changes application will also work with register_globals variable turned off. Also this file contains changes for peoples who want to upgrade their version of php, to 5.x.x. Files are in the same folder structure as in the live application. Register_Globals_Off_Workaround