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It is no secret that one of the most important aspects of a website is its content – now more than ever. As websites become more complex, the information within often becomes increasingly complex to author and manage. While content management systems like Drupal have strong content authoring abilities out of the box, it’s easy [...]

Nowadays there is a new kind of databases that is getting very popular, specially for Web development, including the PHP world, which are the NoSQL databases. MongoDB is not only a key/value store, it’s quite a bit more. It’s definitely not a RDBMS either. I have MongoDB used it a little building some test app [...]

Constraints Constraint specifications add additional restrictions on the contents of the table. They are automatically enforced by the DBMS. The columnconstraints are: NOT NULL — specifies that the column can’t be set to null. If this constraint is not specified, the column is nullable, that is, it can be set to null. Normally, primary key [...]