How to set up DDNS on your AV Tech “Eagle Eyes” DVR

Eagle Eye offers a cloud security camera video management system, providing secure, encrypted recording, flexible retention, mobile viewing and alerts.

What is DDNS?

DDNS is a service that will track your numeric IP address and allow you to attach an alphanumeric address. So for example. Instead of using (the Google address) you would use

Why use DDNS?

Remembering a numeric ip address can be complicated, where an alphanumeric address is easy to remember. The other main advantage for DDNS is If you have a dynamic ip address, (where your address can change) the DDNS service will track and update with your new IP address automatically. So no matter what your numeric ip address is, your alphanumeric address will work.

Is DDNS free or is there a charge?

There are free services and there are services that will charge for their service. However, AV Tech provides a free DDNS service for their DVRs. This tutorial will go over how to set up your DVR to use the AV Tech DDNS service.


dvr3 dvr2 dvr4The DDNS menu is where you will set up your DVRs DDNS configuration. You will need to enable the DDNS. Keep System Name as default. Change the hostname to something you will remember. For example we used “agi-security”.
Next you will need to provide a working e-mail for the main contact.
Once done, click on “Save”.

dvr5As you can see in Figure 5, all the information required has been filled out. Once you save this, the URL (or IP Address) you will need to use to view your DVR remotely will be whatever hostname you select and So for our example, our URL would be as seen in the URL address bar of IE in Figure 6.



Some schemas for camera installation :




IP2 :
It is a tiny software (14 ko) for displaying the two IP adresses of your computer (local internal) and your internet provider router (Public IP) : (IP2 ressources)


Classic Network home DSL :


Some Nating samples screenshotq on french routers

natpat_livebox redirect_fbxv6

Port redirection to avoid spoofing on well known ports like 80/21/443 :


In the same context we can connect a synology NAS installed in home via the provider internet router :
read this (Post in three pages)



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