Sharing computer experience

More than twenty years working in computer engineering, I want to share this blog about software technology through my experience . I am specialized in the databases architecture, encoding data protocols, the data migration protocols and building applications in several languages. Software technology is one of my favourite hobbies. Actually, I live and work in Paris, so I made a french page for who is interested in reading french.
Sometimes, I am freelance in all development or short missions for building web sites. Over the years my skills covers the software technologies belolw :

  • Dataware and Database architecture
    – Database Administration : SQL, Mysql, MongoDB, Oracle.
    – Building and designing relational and object oriented databases
    – Dataware Modelling with the concepts of Kimball with Business Objects, SQL server BI.
    – ETL / SSIS with SQL server and data transfer and migration protocols.
    – Integrated Library System Administration : MINISIS, PMB, VTLS, KOha …
    – Vmware plarform virtualisation administration with Vsphere 5.
  • Programming with VB.NET, Php MVC frameworks and #C
    – Data Right Management Solutions Storefronts with Microsoft DRM.
    – Programming with langages like VB.NET / C/C# / php / VB6
    – Developement with MVC Framework like CodeIgniter / Zend …
    – Advanced programming with Visual Studio 2010 / Silverlight / Expression Blend
    – Building client/serveur application for financial ressources : Budget control, State Subvention and ordering workflow …
  • Oscommerce / e-commerce developper
    – Building e-commerce solutions and customizing os-commerce (Setup and advanced configuration)
    – SEO and Marketing for your web sites.
    – Web 2.0 technologies with ( SolR, Zebra …)
    – Open source Setup and customizing best plugins for WordPress, Drupal …
  • Data Migration and Digital Medias Encoding solutions with DRM for monetization
    – Managing and integrating Arabic language solution in some specific software
    – Data Protocols and norms for electronic edition ( RTF / SGML / XML / XSLT).
    – Building special data transcoding for ASMO / Arabic windows / Unicode
    – Digital Encoding  :  Download and Streaming content with Playready et Silverlight
  • Feel free to ask any question on my email here